Miniature Figure Vault

Protect, store, and organize your collection of war game miniature figures. Designed to store up to 108 infantry units (up to 28mm) and a number of larger figures, you can bring your army to your next gaming event with ease. A handy book sleeve on the front can be used to store rulebooks & references for army set up. The reinforced padded walls protect your miniatures from drops, impacts, and scratches.
  • $79.99


Portable War Gaming Figure Vault


Our Figure Vault was designed to store and protect miniature figures of all shapes and sizes. It features 4 foam trays to easily organize your platoons and squads and includes a customizable Pick & Pluck style layer to store larger figures with unique molds such as tanks, dragons, and more.

  • 3 x 36 Slot Trays (108 Slots)
  • 1 Pick & Pluck Customizable Tray
  • Weather & Impact Resistant Design
  • Front Book Sleeve
  • 2 Large Side Pockets

Integrated Book Sleeve

Store and access rulebooks or reference guides for your favorite war game in the easy access front book sleeve.

  • Great for Rulebooks
  • Warhammer Codices
  • Notebooks

Multi-Tiered Storage

Includes 4 trays, 3 of which have 36 slots each, while the last is a customizable tray for larger figures. Includes 2 foam covers for the bottom and top. Each slot in the 36 slot trays is 2x1x1 inches to accommodate 25mm - 28mm figures

Create Custom Slots

A 60mm deep layer with Pick & Pluck design allows you to store a number of large or uniquely molded figures including tanks, dragons, behemoths, and more. Easy to customize, simply pluck out individual foam columns until you've created the perfect slot!

Large Accessory Pockets

2 large storage pockets accommodate necessary war gaming accessories such as rulers, tape measures, pencils, dice, AoE templates, notebooks, and much more. Never arrive unprepared to your next battle.

Rugged & Professional

Premium weather resistant material that incorporates thick padding along the edges and sides. High quality brass hardware ensures the strap and zippers endure daily use, and the deep black color complements the brass hardware for a clean professional style.

Largest Dimension 13.5 in 34.29 cm
Middle Dimension 11 in 27.94 cm
Smallest Dimension 7.25 in 18.42 cm

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