Acrylic Character Sheet Set

The Acrylic Character Sheet Set includes three 8" x 6" sheets that enable tracking of resources and abilities on erasable templates that will outlast your longest campaign adventures. The Acrylic Sheets ("Combat Vitals" for combat encounters, "Equipment" for inventory, and "Spells & Abilities" to track spell slots, magical/class resources) were designed specifically for use with DnD 5e. The set also includes four Dry Erase Markers and a Drawstring Storage Pouch.

  • $39.99

Reusable Acrylic Character Sheet Set

While they won't entirely replace your character's main paper sheet copy, the Acrylic Sheets can track the information that changes most often during gameplay, therefore eliminating the wear and tear that your traditional paper Character Sheet would accrue when updating stats and acquiring new gear and abilities.

  • 3 Acrylic Character Sheets (Combat Vitals, Equipment, Spells & Abilities)
  • Designed specifically for Dungeons and Dragons 5e
  • 4 Dry Erase Markers (black, red, blue, green)
  • Drawstring Storage Pouch with Sheet Slots
  • Perfect for in-person campaigns & excellent companion for online DnD
  • Universally compatible with all DnD 5e Classes

Includes Dry Erase Markers

Set bundle is made complete with 4 ENHANCE dry erase markers that feature built-in erasers.

  • Sheets are compatible with dry erase markers.
  • Sheets measure 8" x 6"
  • 2.5mm thick for premium durability

Save Your Character Sheets!

Tired of Reprinting Your Character Sheet? Introducing the ENHANCE Acrylic Character Sheets, designed to track the most dynamic stats and resources your character needs to thrive in every adventure. Use with dry erase markers (set included) to write and easily erase on beautifully hand-screened acrylic sheets.

Eradicate Smudge Plagues from Paper Sheets – Bid farewell to wear & tear on your traditional paper sheet! The Acrylic Sheets work as a companion space for neat & erasable tracking of constantly changing stats, thus helping preserve a cleaner copy of your primary paper character sheet.

Sheet Shielding Adventure Pouch

Soft & Scratch-Resistant: Constructed with soft and scratch-resistant fibers to store and keep the Acrylic Sheets pristine between campaigns.

A Dungeon Chamber for Each Sheet: Each sheet stows away in its own compartment to keep organized and prevent scratches during storage. With room to throw in your marker set, your character is ready to tackle any beast!

Combat Vitals sheet tracks:

  • Max HP
  • Hit Dice
  • Inspiration
  • Proficiency Bonus
  • Current and Temporary Hit Points
  • Armor Class / Initiative / Speed
  • Death Saves
  • Conditions & Effects

Equipment sheet tracks:

  • Wealth
  • Backpack
  • Ammunition
  • Treasure

Spells & Abilities sheet tracks:

  • Spell DC
  • Proficiency Bonus
  • Spell Slots
  • Class Ability Tracker

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