TCG Playmat with Stitched Edges (Stars)


ENHANCE TCG Playmat with Stitched Edges and Drawstring Pouch

Two carefully designed layers paired with the stitched edging bring extreme durability that will outlast competing Magic the Gathering playmat. The top layer consists of an original fantasy art piece to immerse you in the game. The high-resolution print is reinforced by the playmat's backing layer to protect against peeling or lifting.

  • $29.99

TCG Card Playmat
Protect your cards not only in storage but also in play with our ENHANCE TCG Card Playmat. Built with an exclusive original art designed for CCG Players and stitched, seamless edges to ensure a long-lasting quality purchase. With the ENHANCE Card Playmat, you'll guard your sleeves and cards from scratches along with making them easier to pick-up and grab; no more fumbling trying to grab your cards off the table.

  • Exclusive Original Art
  • Stitched Edges
  • Includes Drawstring Storage Bag
  • Scratch-Resistant Design
  • Rubber Backing for Extra Grip

Includes Drawstring Pouch

To keep your playmat safe, it comes with a drawstring pouch for easy access and convenient protection.

  • Unique Pouch
  • Keep Scratches Away
  • Easily Cleaned

Textured Rubber Backing

A textured rubber base that covers the entire backside. The textured rubber ensures that the playmat remains stable on metal, wood, glass and more, even during heavy movement when shuffling or playing.

Compact and Durable

The playmat is compact to easily roll up and store in the included cloth storage bag. The stitched edges and strong rubber backing assures increased durability even with it's compact size.

Sized for Easy Storage

Standard sizing to fit in the pouch and your bags with ease. No need to worry about bleeding onto other's table space, the perfect size for all your cards even on a big board without being inconvenient to carry.


Pair your ENHANCE Tabletop Card Game Backpack with our new playmat to have a sleek matching finish on your accessories and gear.

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